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Sample Programs

Introduction to the Wizard and description of navigation Panels. Program will demonstrate how to write your first Xllerate® program using the Wizard programming method.
FUNCTIONS HIGHLIGHTED: Format_Sheet|Copy; Data_Sort; Insert_Rows; Insert_Text

Program will demonstrate step by step, how to write your first Xllerate® program using the Spreadsheet programming method.
FUNCTIONS HIGHLIGHTED: Data_Sort; Data_Subtotal; Format_Cells

Program will demonstrate how to Sort, Subtotal and Format data into a new report from an existing worksheet. Creates and saves a new workbook from the report worksheet.
FUNCTIONS HIGHLIGHTED: Data_Sort; Data_Subtotal; Format_Cells

Allows users to create an alphabetical list of all worksheets within a designated workbook. Inserts a hyperlink for each worksheet and places the links on a Table_Of_Contents tab. Program focus may be changed to create a Table of Contents in another Xllerate® Workbook or any Excel File.
FUNCTIONS HIGHLIGHTED: Tools_CreateList | Worksheet; Format_Sheet | Order

This program opens an existing workbook containing employee information. Filters for individuals with birthdays in the current month and sends an email with a birthday card attachment to those individuals.
FUNCTIONS HIGHLIGHTED: File_MultiFunction | Open; Data_Filter; Apps_Outlook | Send; Prg_Loop

Learn how to create new Access database and tables. Load records from an existing worksheet into designated tables. Query for specific records using Xllerate®’s Criteria Table Assistant.

This program will create a unique list of Salespersons. Copy & Paste Pending Sales Information for each Salesperson to a pre-defined Pivot Chart Template. Publish a workbook for each Salesperson in an html format.
FUNCTIONS HIGHLIGHTED: Data_Filter; Edit_CopyPaste; Data_Refresh; File_MultiFunction | Publish

Discover how to retrieve data using a dynamic SQL Statement. Create a unique list of items to be used in conjunction with a Loop. Generate a new file containing worksheets for each unique item.
FUNCTIONS HIGHLIGHTED: Data_Query_ExternalDatabase; Prg_Loop; Data_Filter | Unique Filter

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