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Sample Solutions

Financial Reports
Are you getting the financial reports you need to run the business? Is the data in your financial reports okay, but you want a different look and feel or maybe an Executive Summary? Are you receiving reports monthly or quarterly but really need the data daily or weekly to drive your business and make timely decisions? Are you concerned about the impact of manual errors? Xllerate® automates your reporting needs in a consistent and timely manner and allows the software to conform to your processes rather than forcing you to conform to the software.
Dashboards and Scorecards
Have you always wanted to see your company’s data trended over a period of time? Are dashboard/scorecard programs too expensive or difficult to use or implement? Well, not any more. Xllerate® has ready made templates that will have your company on track and on target!
Account Analysis
Are your financial analysts spending time reconciling General Ledger accounts rather than analyzing them? How would you like to triple the output of your financial or accounting employees? With Xllerate®, users can automate the extraction of data and apply formulas and business rules that highlight the areas needing review.
Treasury / Borrowing Base Certificates
Are you spending 4 + hours a week gathering the data you need for your borrowing base certificate? Xllerate® has experience in automating treasury reports. Programs can be written and designed around business rules that meet your loan covenants. Simplify your audits by providing timely, consistent data.
Sales Reports
It has been our experience that salespeople are spending way too much time in Excel® preparing reports to help drive business. Xllerate® can automate the generation of these reports so your salespeople can get back to doing what they do best…SALES! Reports previously only available weekly can now be generated daily or ad hoc with no additional overhead requirements!
Outlook Interface
Do you have a need to “pull” emails from Outlook and store the details in an Excel® spreadsheet or a database? Xllerate® interfaces with Outlook and makes it possible to download your contact list, open attachments, store data and email files. Stop wasting time sending individual reports and let Xllerate® do the tedious work for you.
Human Resource/Payroll Reports
How much time does your HR department spend preparing special reports in Excel®? Are you overwhelmed by garnishment responses, employee wage summary requests, turnover reports? Let Xllerate® help you turn inundation into automation!
Workflow/Automated Notification
Do you have time sensitive data? Once a transaction is in your ERP system, are there users that must perform a task before the transaction is processed? Is “workflow” impossible or not available to implement? Xllerate® has the ability to execute “sniffer” programs (a “sniffer” is a program that monitors transactional traffic) that will query your databases periodically (ex. Once every 5 minutes, twice an hour, once a day, etc.) and notify an employee(s) that a time sensitive transaction has occurred.
Manufacturing / Quality Reports
Does your organization follow Lean Six Sigma practices? What if you had the ability to automatically track and chart statistics, inventory, usage, etc.? Do you want your quality/production manager working on quality issues or data gathering? Xllerate® can automatically gather the quality and production stats you need with minimal effort, display the data in the manner you are accustomed to viewing and assist management in making timely decisions.
Access Databases
Sometimes your Excel® spreadsheets are too big (have too many rows). You can easily move that information into an Access® database (even if you do not own Access®). You can also query any records you need from within Excel®. Through an ODBC connection, Xllerate® interfaces with Access®, making the insertion and extraction of data as simple as pushing a button.
SQL Database Query / Web Query
Xllerate®’s code uses an ODBC connection to connect with most major databases (PeopeSoft®, Oracle®, SQL Server®, MySQL®, Access®, etc.) With this technology, users may automatically extract data from the database and continue the transformation of information from within an Excel® spreadsheet. Additionally, Xllerate® has web querying capabilities. Note: Xllerate® programs do NOT circumvent database security. As an alternative, queries may be scheduled and saved to a drive where Xllerate® can be programmed to retrieve the file and continue the automation.
Testing – New Systems / System Upgrades / Data Conversions
Many times, users are left to their own devices to test the accuracy of transactional data in data conversions, system upgrades, etc. This is often a labor intensive and error prone task. Xllerate® can assist users in the automation of the comparison of data from one system to another, making it possible to run multiple test cycles with the push of a button.
Upload Files
Have you ever wanted to create an upload file in Excel® (automated of course) and have some of the data be formatted as text with quotes and other data elements be formatted as text without quotes (i.e. “Sn”, 67, 74)? Normally, Excel® attempts to either place quotes around all data elements (“Sn”, “67”, “74”) OR no quotes around any data elements (Sn, 67, 74). Xllerate® provides a solution to create upload files in the format you designate.
Text, Prn, CSV Files, & other types of Data Parsing
Are you importing sys log files, animal drug testing files, metallurgical, physical property, dimensional, or any other type of machine output files into Excel® for statistical analysis? Xllerate® can help you format data into custom reports suited to your needs…all with the click of a button. Results will be available in seconds, not days. No more wasted time repeating the same steps over and over.
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