Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What are the system requirements?

The programs required are:
1. Excel 2007 and above  (32 bit or 64 bit) 
2. Administrator Rights for installing software.
See the Xllerate® Help Manual (go to Xllerate | Xllerate Help OR click the white question mark on the blue circle icon on the Xllerate Toolbar) and perform a search on the keyword “system requirements”.

2. What is an Excel Add-in?

An Excel Add-in is a program designed to enhance Excel®’s functionality. To Users, Xllerate® appears to be an integral part of Excel.

3. Will Xllerate® work on my Macintosh?

Xllerate® is not designed to work on a Macintosh.

4. How do I get my free trial version?

Add the free trial to your cart. Proceed to check out. The trial version is good for 30 days.

5. What happens at the end of the 30 day evaluation?

At the end of the 30 days free use the software will be disabled. It will not disable Microsoft Excel, or prevent you using your computer, simply the Xllerate® will be disabled. You will continue to receive a message telling you that the Xllerate® evaluation period has ended.

You then have two choices:

1. Purchase a license to use Xllerate®. For pricing & licensing information see our website.

2. Uninstall the software.

6. How big is the Xllerate® download file size?

The Xllerate® program is just under 65 MB (megabytes). Of that, approx. 15 MB is the Xllerate® Help and Reference Manual.
Download Times:
Dialup (56k) 71 minutes
DSL/Cable (256k) 16 minutes
DSL/Cable (768k) 5 minutes
T1 (1.5MB) 3 minutes.

7. What kind of license do I get with Xllerate®?

The software license you receive with Xllerate® is a perpetual per machine license. Any Users of the same machine may use the same license (i.e. you only need to purchase 1 copy of Xllerate® for all Users of the same physical computer. This does NOT apply to server installs). Xllerate® uses an online activation model to activate or transfer licenses. It is easy, self-serve, and real-time. Your machine needs to be online ONLY at the time of activation. See the Xllerate® EULA for detail description of the Xllerate® license.

8. Can I share my Xllerate® programs with others?

You can always share the output results of an Xllerate® program with others. Note: the Xllerate® formula functions (such as CreateDelimitedList and GetUserName) are only available to those Users who have Xllerate®. Also, in order to “run” an Xllerate® program, the other Users will need their own copy of Xllerate®.

9. Is free technical support available?

Yes, you have free access to our technical & product support when you purchase or evaluate Xllerate®. To contact support, please e-mail with a detailed report of the problem. We can only answer questions relating to using Xllerate® and do not answer questions related to analysis or how to use Excel.

10. How do I activate my Xllerate® License?

1. Click the “Start” button (in lower left corner of your screen);
2. Select “Programs”;
3. Select “Xllerate” from the programs list;
4. From the Xllerate list, select “License Manager”;
5. Select the “Internet Activate” icon;
6. Enter the 16 digit license number we sent you in an email;
7. Press the “Activate” button;
Within a few moments, you will receive an activation complete message. Your Xllerate® program is ready for unlimited use. See the Xllerate® Help Manual (go to Xllerate | Xllerate Help OR the click the white question mark on blue circle icon on the Xllerate Toolbar) and perform a search on the keyword “license activation”.

11. After I purchased Xllerate®, I only received a serial key in the order confirmation emails. Where do I download the “non-trial” final version of Xllerate®?

The trial version of Xllerate® is also the final version. Just enter the license key you received in the email and the trial 30 day limit is removed. To enter the license key, go to Start | Programs | Xllerate | License Manager. See also “License Activation” in the Xllerate® Help Manual.

12. Where do I go to learn about Xllerate®? I just installed Xllerate®. Where should I start learning how to use the software?

Xllerate® comes with a beginners training manual and a few sample programs. Go to Start | Programs | Xllerate to access them. Also, on the Xllerate® website, go to the Training page. At the bottom, you will find several recorded training lessons.

13. Are there any sample programs?

When you install Xllerate®, you will receive 3 sample programs and 1 training workbook containing 4 programs. Additionally, the Xllerate® Help Manual has sample programs for every Xllerate® TLC function along with before and after views of the data. We will continue to update the website as we develop additional sample programs.

14. I am unable to download the trial version of Xllerate®.

The download file has an EXE extension, denoting that it is an executable file. To download the EXE file, you may have to temporarily disable your firewall or antivirus software. After you downloaded the EXE file, double-click it to install all required files.

15. I receive the following message: Cannot activate license, "Your license has expired"

You must purchase a license or uninstall Xllerate®.

Virtually any Excel task can be automated using Xllerate®.

Make repetitive tasks history.

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