The Pros and Cons of Using Consultants Verses Employees to Design Excel Spreadsheets

Outsourcing Design

It’s often more convenient and financially efficient for a company to design their own Excel
spreadsheets. It’s a way of ensuring the optimum privacy and customization for important documents. Yet, even with the benefits of keeping the customization in-house, there are benefits to outsourcing spreadsheet design.

You may believe you already have the perfect spreadsheet for your needs. But, could the experience
be more efficient? A good spreadsheet can save a team countless hours by only documenting what
needs to be recorded and calculating at precisely the needed rate.

There are times when you should not utilize the services outside your company. If your project is on a smaller scale and will not be used for formal endeavors or documents of the highest importance, a
current employee can suit such needs. Staying within your company will give current employees
additional training and experience with Excel development. This will be beneficial to the company and create a learning environment where development is encouraged.

A Spreadsheet Consultant is the alternative for large or formal projects. A consultant can provide a
thoroughly professional experience in every way. There is no time wasted due to design “trial-anderror.” Typically, you can expect the consultant to provide a standardized ‘look and feel’ to all
worksheets and workbooks. Experienced consultants tend to utilize the very beneficial and often
underutilized features such as conditional formatting, cell protection, and dynamic formulas.
Invariably, when you receive the finished product, you’ll see and pick up on some spreadsheet tricks
that you didn’t know were possible in Excel.

Consultants are already experts in spreadsheets and are not intimidated by massive amounts of data. They can provide the design you need and all that’s required is a few simple details for development. Many allow potential clients to upload a sample of their current documentation and use this as the foundation for a more optimal template.

Consultants do cost more than opting to “do-it-yourself,” but this will be worth it for important
paperwork. Many offer guarantees of their work in case any errors should occur. Many consultants
also offer training services should you want your current employees introduced to better approaches
with Excel. This promise can bring a great sense of security when the current project involves
budgets, cash flow documentation, or even investment analysis.

With careful planning and consideration for your project you will never waste money when it isn’t
necessary. You will also guarantee that your important projects will receive the highest level of