Using Excel as a Dashboard Reporting Tool

Dashboard Reporting Revised

The original process of Dashboard Reporting was limited, but the benefits were monumental. The
task consisted of creating an interface for screening potential applicants and viewing their criteria
across a preset grid. Today Dashboard Reporting is used for a myriad of tasks in the business world.
Microsoft’s Excel can make every task much easier and faster.

A dashboard report in today’s world refers to presenting information in a summarized form. It can be data on anything. Today we have Score Dashboards, Executive Dashboards, Performance
Dashboards and Intelligence Dashboards. This spectrum of potential uses has helped many in
management make choices with all necessary information and within a fraction of the usual time.
There are many reasons that Excel is the superior product for this form of reporting.

Excel users are worldwide. This is the most utilized spreadsheet software in the corporate world.
Excel offers many valuable traits that make the dashboard reporting process as efficient as possible.
The error finding tools within Excel are convenient and assist in eliminating errors. Excel takes their product a step further by allowing you to test your materials for problems or inconsistencies. There may be a value you overlooked or a problematic situation where the numbers are not what they should be. Excel will also allow you to compare your materials against another set in your search for errors. There are features in the product that will actually search for misinformation and help you to correct the issue.

Excel is also a popular dashboard product because it is so flexible. The business world is everevolving and it seems different information is needed each day. Excel is adaptable and easily
configured to suit these changing requirements. The software can also work with third-party
calculation software where special purpose mathematics is required.

Along with an incredible amount of analytical power, Excel can produce materials that have
magazine-quality in visual design. One of the primary attributes that make this program so suitable for dashboard reporting is the ability to make impressive “mini-charts.” These smaller additions provide a visual example of the data within the report. Excel can incorporate data from a range of sources within a single report.

The available templates online for a wide range of reports ensure that your reporting activities will run smoothly and as quickly as possible. Excel can keep your office and your company running efficiently and with thorough documentation.


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